Leadership and management are two completely different concepts. A manager’s job is to plan and budget, organize and allocate personnel, control and solve problems, and its purpose is to establish order.  The leader’s job is to set direction, integrate stakeholders, motivate and inspire employees, and the goal is to effect change. 

Couo is a beauty company limited, specializing in manicure, beauty products.

Shenzhen COUO Beauty cosmetics enterprise.  We are committed to the professional production and research of beauty makeup and nail art.  The company has its own manicurists.  Founded in 2021, the company has accumulated rich experience in manicure, beauty makeup and other aspects. 

Our products are mainly used in cosmetic and commercial fields.High quality products and efficient service help us to win the high support and trust of customers in North America, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe.

COUO has advanced automation equipment, experienced professional and technical personnel and standardized enterprise management. We always adhere to the consistent operation, from product design, mold development and production, to packaging and shipping.They are all completed in the enterprise.
The company has been adhering to the “quality is life, innovation is soul” business philosophy and continue to put this belief into practice.  In addition, the company continues to innovate in order to better serve the competitive market. COUO is a registered trademark of Cocoa, and we are also able to provide customers with quality OEM and ODM services.
A better world is created by us together. We will continue to provide you with more reliable products and services. If you are interested in us, please visit the rest of the website and get in touch with us.

Factory R&D scale


The size of the plant must never be made without choice.

Richy Lace

Management is not a dictatorship. The top management of a company must be able to lead and manage employees.

zhi hao xie

Effective management stems from respect for individual individuality and dignity.

min li

My tenet of always been gradual and steady development, neither by sensational profits, nor in the market recession .